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Episode #74: barre3, Kansas City - Natalia Stamm

Meet Natalia Stamm. She first discovered barre3 in Austin, TX while in town for a wedding. She was immediately drawn to the unique blend of cardio and barre exercises and knew she had found something special. The class itself was challenging, but she also found it very empowering. Natalia moved from Chicago to Kansas City in 2017 and became an instructor at the local barre3 studio. In November of 2019, she decided to take the next step and become an owner. Natalia is passionate about helping others find joy through movement and building a welcoming and inclusive community. In this episode of our business podcast, Natalia shares her inspiring journey as a new business owner, including her experiences overcoming adversity and the challenges she faced during the pandemic. She also discusses the differences between running a business in Kansas City and Chicago and offers valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. Tune in to hear Natalia’s inspiring story and gain valuable insights for your own business endeavors.

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 This Episode’s Highlights:
    • Natalia’s strategy of picking the brains of her fellow franchisees to gain new business ideas and marketing strategies

    • Natalia’s experiences and strategies for managing and growing her business during the COVID-19 pandemic, including dealing with the challenges and threats posed by the virus and bouncing back post-pandemic.

    • The benefits of outsourcing and delegating certain processes to reduce stress and focus on what she loves most about her business

    • How Natalia uses technology to increase efficiency and make it easy for customers to sign up for classes

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    • The crucial role that cleanliness plays in creating a positive impression and maintaining the quality of your business.

    • The value of loving what you do and having passion for your work.

    • The benefits of learning from peers, accepting help, and incorporating new ideas into your business.

    • The importance of teamwork and building strong bonds with your team for the success of your business.

    • How creating a supportive and inclusive community can positively impact your business and help it thrive during challenging times, and the importance of creating a positive atmosphere, making your business a place where people like to spend their time.

About barre3

Natalia is a passionate fitness instructor and franchisee of barre3 Kansas City. Their classes offer a unique blend of cardio, ballet barre, yoga, and Pilates that tones and strengthens the body. The signature approach focuses on balancing the body and avoiding pain in areas prone to injury, resulting in a rewarding endorphin high and deep muscle burn.

Connect with Natalia

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Phone -(816)-569-2078

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