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Episode #84: BeerSauce Shop - Andrew Tessmer

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     This Episode’s Highlights:
    • Laurie’s transition from a corporate America role to a career in Public Relations.

    • How Laurie established a specialized niche within her industry.

    • Distinguishing the differences between digital PR and digital marketing.

    • Leaving a meaningful impact and establishing a lasting legacy within her field and more importantly, for her family.

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    • Pursuing and seizing opportunities to advance your career.

    • Strategies for managing and overcoming obstacles, and breaking free from stagnation.

    • The importance of maintaining transparency and integrity in your business.

    • How developing a distinct voice and identity can help your business grow.

    • The correlation and significance of PR and marketing in promoting and building a brand.

About BeerSauce Shop

LPBR combines traditional and digital media, providing a variety of digital and social media PR services for personal and business brands. These services include link building, social network management, website design and optimization, email marketing, event production, and customized strategies for business development and employment search.

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