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Primary Network

Primary Network Lower your telecom costs, While increasing performance! Cutting Costs doesn’t have to be a decrease in performance As a Business owner we all know cutting cost can be very important. That is why Clicks and Bricks Podcast has partnered with Primary Network to provide lower cost IT solutions with the same performance you […]


Inlink A website Made Easy! Social Link Aggregator Clicks and Bricks Podcast has partnered with Inlink to help our audience have a quick and easy website with no hassle. Quickly add your social media accounts and get a ready-made website to send people to. Inlink Features:  Social Link Agregator Social Media Analytics Simple E-commerce store […]

Fix My Social

Fix My Social Social Media is important! Coming up with social media content can be difficult. Clicks and Bricks podcast has partnered with FixMySocial to provide free social media content for our audience. FixMySocial Features: Two to three pieces of social media content for each day of the month Social Media Calendar for each month […]