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Episode #77: Fitzness - Fitz Koehler

On this edition of our business podcast, we sit down with Fitz Koehler, founder of her self-titled fitness company Fitzness. Fitz is a corporate spokesperson, TV personality, public speaker, Race and marathon announcer, Author, and much more. Today Fitz shared about her experience beating cancer, writing a book, the start of her company, and much more. Tune in to hear motivational stories and advice from a true entrepreneur in every sense of the word.

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     This Episode’s Highlights:
    • The origins of Fitz’s company, Fitzness.

    • Her experiences overcoming adversity, including cancer, and the challenges presented by COVID-19.

    • The distinction between prioritizing overall health and wellness versus fixating on appearance. 

    • The impact of technology on Fitz’s personal and professional life.

    • Fitz’s use of third person language when referring to herself, and the reasons behind it.

    • We talk about Fitz’s book, “My Noisy Cancer Comeback,” which chronicles her journey through illness and recovery. 

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    • The benefits of setting high expectations for yourself.

    • The negative influence of toxic individuals and strategies for removing them from your life in a healthy manner.

    • Strategies for staying engaged and avoiding complacency in both personal and professional endeavors.  

    • The importance of living in the present and finding joy in the journey towards success.

    • The significance of making a positive impression and putting forth your best effort, particularly in the business world. 

About Fitzness

Fitzness is a company that focuses on providing fitness education through various forms of mass media, including books, television, films, radio, magazines, journals, and online platforms. The company also offers fitness programming for children through its Morning Mile initiative. In addition to these efforts, Fitz has taught millions of people through in-person corporate speaking engagements and seminars held in numerous countries around the world.


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