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Episode #73: Judice Sports & Rehab - Greg Judice

Meet Greg Judice, a compassionate and dedicated professional who has devoted his career to helping people. As a former baseball player in high school, Greg always dreamed of opening his own rehab clinic for athletes. After graduate school, he found himself feeling discouraged and burnt out, but he didn’t let that stop him from pursuing his dream. In 2017, he opened his own sports and rehab clinic with a unique business model that sets him apart from the competition. In this edition of our business podcast, Greg shares his experience of starting his own practice, discusses how he overcame adversity, and talks about the benefits of running his own clinic. He also discusses how technology has played a role in the success of his business.

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     This Episode’s Highlights:
    • Greg hosts a podcast featuring interviews with health and wellness professionals in the St. Louis area. 

    • Greg’s journey from corporate physical therapy to business ownership and realizing his dream.

    • The unique approach of Greg’s business model, including the decision not to accept insurance.

    • The importance of personalized, one-on-one sessions and building strong relationships with clients as a physical therapist.

    • The role of technology in supporting Greg’s success as an entrepreneur.

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    • Maintaining a healthy balance between being an owner and operator as a business owner.

    • The positive impact that passion for your work has on your business.

    • The role of a positive environment in a clinic setting.

    • The value of strong customer relationships in growing a business and building a reputation in the community.

    • The importance of effective communication including the use of vocabulary, in business.

    • Consistent daily effort and dedication to your work, even in challenging circumstances, is crucial for success.

About Judice Sports & Rehab

Judice Sports & Rehab is a St. Louis based physical rehab clinic. They assist active individuals in overcoming pain and achieving optimal performance without relying on medication. Their team of trained professionals uses a range of techniques, including physical therapy and rehabilitative exercises. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your game, a weekend warrior seeking to push your limits, or simply someone who wants to move and feel your best Judice Sports & Rehab can help you overcome pain and reach your goals.

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