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Episode #79: Madeline Elizabeth

Welcome to Clicks & Bricks, a business podcast where we sit down with industry experts to discuss their experiences and insights. In this episode, we are joined by Madeline Elizabeth, a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in fashion and politics. After starting her career as an independent contractor, Madeline decided to establish her own LLC in 2011 to streamline her tax processes. Despite being new to business ownership at the time, Madeline’s venture proved to be successful and paved the way for her to launch a new company. In recent years, Madeline has also been working as a PR and marketing professional while developing her personal brand through coaching, a website, and a book. Tune in as Madeline shares her journey as a female business owner and entrepreneur.

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     This Episode’s Highlights:
    • How Madeline built her business from the ground up with no outside investors.

    • We discussed the difference between PR and marketing, and how that industry is going “digital.”

    • We discussed Madeline’s book “Mess in a Dress.”

    • How Madeline acquired strong resources and meaningful relationships through networking over the years. 

    • How technology has had a significant impact on Madeline’s business.

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    • The value of celebrating every win, especially after overcoming adversity. 

    • The importance of having a healthy work-life balance.

    • Importance of retaining relationships, because you never know when someone’s expertise can prove helpful for your business. 

    • How self-care can correlate with your business, and the importance of having a healthy mind and not mixing negative energy into your business.

    • How finding a way to decompress is vital in the everyday life of a business owner.

    • The importance of authenticity as a business owner, and how it plays an important role in the growth of your business.

About Madeline's Brand...

Madeline is a highly skilled and accomplished individual with a diverse range of professional experiences and achievements. She is the owner and creator of the brand “A Mess in a Dress,” which has gained widespread recognition on social media platforms. As a successful influencer and entrepreneur, Madeline has also aligned herself with esteemed organizations such as Amazon and LTK as an affiliate. In addition to these endeavors, Madeline is currently engaged in the development of her book and website, as well as a life coaching program. These projects showcase her dedication to personal and professional growth, as well as her commitment to helping others achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Connect with Madeline

Instagram – @themadelineelizabeth

LinkedIn – Madeline Elizabeth

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