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Episode #80: Older But Stronger - Hans Hageman

Welcome to Clicks & Bricks, a business podcast exploring the intersection of online and brick-and-mortar endeavors. In this episode, we are joined by Hans Hageman, a seasoned entrepreneur, leader, and advocate for the power of breathwork and meditation. With a diverse background that includes serving as a district attorney and founding schools for underprivileged children, Hans has a wealth of experience to share. He is currently focused on helping people better their lives through the implementation of breathwork and meditation techniques, and has even started his own company, Older but Stronger, to do so. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Hans’s unique perspective and hear about his journey from various professions to his current work helping others transform their lives and businesses.

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     This Episode’s Highlights:
    • We discuss Hans’s company Older but Stronger, and its mission: “helping you become an ancestor worth claiming.”

    • We dive into the topic of breathwork, performance versus transformational, and different breathing and meditation techniques. 

    • How technology has had an impact on Hans’s personal and professional life.

    • We discuss marketing strategies for Hans’s current line of business.

    • Hans’s experiences overcoming adversity.

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    • The impact that breathing techniques have on your mind and body.

    • How to deal with losing your friends when pursuing endeavors that you are truly passionate in.

    • Sticking to your core values is vital in building your character and growing your business, especially during trying times.

    • How to turn your passion into a business

    • The benefits of distancing yourself from media and politics

    • “An unexamined life is not worth living…”

About Older But Stronger

As a life purpose and performance coach, Hans is committed to helping individuals and business owners optimize their lifestyle habits through the use of performance and transformational breathwork. His company, Older But Stronger, utilizes meditation and breathing techniques to improve diet, sleep, psychology, and more, ultimately leading to increased productivity and success. The combination of physical and mental wellness strategies offered by Older But Stronger helps clients achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Connect with Hans

Email –

LinkedIn – Hans Hageman

Phone – 646-472-9769