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Episode #89: Shaffer Entertainment - Andy Shaffer

On this edition of our business podcast, we welcome Andy Shaffer, the owner of a century-old family business. This is Andy’s inaugural podcast appearance, and we are eager to hear his insights on the challenges and successes of taking over and expanding a business with such a rich history. Despite facing obstacles, including the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Andy and his team have adapted and found ways to thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape. Join us as we delve into the story of this dynamic leader and his plans for the future of his company in the age of technology.

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     This Episode’s Highlights:
    • Laurie’s transition from a corporate America role to a career in Public Relations.

    • How Laurie established a specialized niche within her industry.

    • Distinguishing the differences between digital PR and digital marketing.

    • Leaving a meaningful impact and establishing a lasting legacy within her field and more importantly, for her family.

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    • Pursuing and seizing opportunities to advance your career.

    • Strategies for managing and overcoming obstacles, and breaking free from stagnation.

    • The importance of maintaining transparency and integrity in your business.

    • How developing a distinct voice and identity can help your business grow. 

    • The correlation and significance of PR and marketing in promoting and building a brand.

About Shaffer Entertainment

Shaffer Entertainment is a top provider of currency-operated entertainment equipment and in-person promotions. By combining their special equipment and promotions with quick and reliable service, they serve a wide range of businesses including bars, bowling alleys, family entertainment centers, movie theaters, and restaurants in the central Ohio and Indiana areas, as well as some national corporate clients.

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