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Episode #78: Xcellent Life - Victor Brown

On this episode of Clicks & Bricks, our business podcast, we sit down with Victor Brown. Victor began his career as a computer and electrical engineer with a fortune 500 company, where he then transitioned into a marketing role. As a marketing leader, Victor would manage software products and solutions, helping drive growth over the course of six years. Eventually, he would transition over to working with startups, collaborating with international marketing teams and working as a consultant. This path would lead him to the position that he is in today, the CEO of Xcellent life. Over the years, as he developed into a seasoned leader in the technology industry, Victor would get the opportunity to offer his leadership and insight as a speaker at numerous events across the globe. Tune in to hear Victor share about his experience transitioning into entrepreneurship, changing people’s lives with his company Xcellent life, and how technology has had a significant impact on his life and career.  

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     This Episode’s Highlights:
    • What Xcellent Life offers to its customers and how it can be used to better someone’s life.

    • We discussed how different applications and devices can be used with the Xcellentlife app. 

    • Victors journey into becoming a business owner, and his decision to transition into entrepreneurship.

    • The factors that lead Victor to make the decision to hire someone to develop an AI.

    • We explored the role that technology has played in the evolution of Victor’s career. 

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    • The importance of not overvaluing your idea and how to approach that situation as an entrepreneur.

    • Discussion regarding the constraints of the corporate world versus the freedom of entrepreneurship.

    • The importance of having the ability to make great sacrifices in order to actualize your dreams and reach success.

    • How understanding your purpose can help you overcome barriers. 

    • The value of the iphone, and how staying connected can help you be proactive and drive growth.

About Xcellent Life

Xcellent Life is a company that specializes in health and wellness. They use innovative software and real-time human diagnostics, combined with mobile technology, to offer a unique approach to fitness. By utilizing a mobile phone app, Xcellent Life provides personalized health insights and helps to reduce healthcare costs for both patients and providers. The company’s focus on health and wellness, combined with its use of technology, sets it apart in the industry.


Connect with Victor

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